Thoughts on the number of the beast

Part 1 of 2

First, a small monologue before I go into the crux of the matter.

Yes, I am aware of the numerous conclusions around 666, 616 and the relationships some hold with the Golden Ratio, trigonometry and other aspects. The narratives and rationale behind them can be entertaining but none of the proposed conclusions ever made a direct connection with me.

Reading, cogitating, cross referencing and even re-translating the older texts left me with the feeling that there was more, something vestigial. Within the noisy crowd of self-proclaimed eschatological experts I could sense something scoffing at everyone as it lurked in the crowd.

So, before I continue, try to block out all this noise consisting of preconceived notions, imposed ideologies, biases and incessant indoctrination we have been subjected to.

This programming has been hammered into us through movies, theatrically animated preachers, theological parrots and self proclaimed illuminated materialists. Above all, remember that intuition is faster than the speed of thought. Acquiescing to your gut-feel can save your life.

I have no time or motivation to make this a study in ancient languages. Please do this yourself if you so desire. The following will be laid out simply and to the best of my ability for readers to make decisions on their own.

The Process:

Look at Revelation chapter 13, preferably the KJV 1611. Read it. Keep track of the main subject and character in the verses you are reading because they alternate. Pay attention to the grammar, punctuation and prose. When you get to the end of the chapter, verse 18, note the punctuation, main subject and character.

[Original 1611 KJV] Revelation 13:18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding, count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is, Six hundred threescore and six.

Regardless of who actually wrote this book and their intentions, they knew to conceal the actual number for whatever reason and it is not 666 or 616. Why would you need to have understanding and need to count or calculate something when the answer is handed to you? Well, I postulate that the true answer does need to be calculated or counted and the number given is a derivative of at least two other numbers.

Make note of the colon and what it typically suggests. It is there in the Greek as well. First in the list it states “for it is the number of a man;”. The Greek word used for “a man” is “ἀνθρώπου” which could alternatively mean the human race, mankind as well as a certain or specific human. Next in the list it states “and his number is,”. Who is this “his”? The man? No. In the overall verse context the subject is the beast. Now, continue on and we get the number “Six hundred threescore and six.”. I could be wrong but that sounds like an elementary word problem to me.

Laid out as in a formula I can see this as easily being: [the number of a man] + [the number of the beast] = 666. The formula could be simplified to be like this (m + b) = 666, where m is the number of (a certain) man and b is the number of the beast. I will show how to double and triple check this shortly as I conclude the assertions.

Okay, it looks like we have two variables if this is truly the case. So what is the number of a man? I seriously doubt it is the number 6 as many will assert based on their reasoning that man was made on the 6th day. If this was even remotely true then that would give us, humans, the same number as everything that creepeth upon the earth (Genesis 1:24-31). I am not buying it. So what could the number of a man be? I think I know and there are at least a couple of reasons why I think this.

Let the counting begin…

Revelation 13:18 specifically calls out a single number, 666 (we will neglect 616 for now and you will soon see why). It also states to count, calculate, or pebble the number. Note that to “pebble” in Greek means to calculate, count, tally, etc. based on using the method of the day which was, or was similar to, the Salamis tablet (c. 300 BC, counting board) or Roman style abacus. You can use a stick or finger to draw lines in the dirt and use pebbles to construct a calculating board. Anyway, we have a number, we just need to know what to do with it. If we are to “count” it then we could obviously start at 1 and continue to 666 but where to start and what to count? This is where it gets interesting.

Let’s just use what we have at hand, the 1611 KJV Bible. Starting at Genesis 1:1, start counting the verses until you count to 666. Where you end up at is Genesis 25:7, a man and a number. The man is Abraham and the number is 175. Specifically, “an hundred threescore and fifteen years.”. The threescore is emphasized for a reason and we will return to this in a bit.

There should be a qualifier, a double check as it were, if this were an actual path to a latent coding system. There are at least two qualifiers actually. If we work backwards, just as in double checking your work on a math problem, and we count all the remaining verses in the Bible after Revelation 13:18 where the 666 resides, we get 175 verses! Interesting. Both numbers seem to reference each other.

After this was discovered I recall doing a web search on both the numbers 666 and 175. I could not find anything other than conspiratorial postings related to the events on 9/11/2001. I added the name Aleister Crowley to the search and lo and behold someone[1] else had discovered the verse counting distance relationship as well. I will add them to the credits at the end of this post. However, I could not locate the below findings, assertions, the connections and the number of a man anywhere on the web.

Recall the emphasized threescore previously. The very last time this word is used in the 1611 KJV is in Revelation 13:18 (#666). The very first occurrence is in Genesis 25:7 (#175). To make this stand out even more, for the sake of consistency, this word should have been used several more times prior to Genesis 25:7 but it was not. For instance, it should have been used in Genesis 5:15 and 5:21 for the number 65 in which threescore is used in Isaiah 7:8. It is missing again in Genesis 5:20, and others. Why would the translator(s) do that? Seems that someone is handing out hints or placing markers. Maybe a spirit medium can ask Sir Francis Bacon (jk)?


Could 175 be the number of a certain man? If this were the case then we could easily derive the number of the beast by using the following simple formula:

666 – m = b, or 666 – 175 = 491.

There are a few more reasons the number 175 and 666 are associated and line-up, as it were. They are used by the most powerful multinational corporations in the world which spend billions of dollars based on those associations. The details on this subject may be part of a future blog post but not right now. The time is not right yet. However there are clues in the picture on the Home page. These other reasons do not include things from 9/11/2001, Aleister Crowley, gematria or conspiratorial drivel.

Interesting Coincidences:

I am certain I am not the only one that has looked at Revelation 13:18 in this way and derived a similar conclusion. After all, there is nothing new under the sun.


If the number 491 was the number of the beast, wouldn’t there be something out there on the web that could validate or at least hint to this? Search on “666, 491”. You should find that highway “666” was changed to “491” due to religious and public pressure. I would assume the-powers-that-be would know about the number 491 if it were true and maybe even use it to mock their foes. The bankers and the elite that control wars, money, economy and the trade routes would know this if it were true, right? How about the Department Of Transportation (DOT) or even the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO)? According to the AASHO Transportation website, the AASHO “represents all transportation modes including: air, highways, public transportation, active transportation, rail, and water. Its primary goal is to foster the development, operation, and maintenance of an integrated national transportation system.”


As I was writing this post I put a movie on in the background, the movie Pi. I have watched it numerous times before and it strikes a cord with me but I never realized the full significance of the below before now. I recall the number 322 but not the other number as it was not familiar to me at the time. Anyway, within a few minutes, I heard something that made me stop what I was writing, rewind the movie, put on the captioning and watch it again. The below is what I saw. Strange how things happen for a reason, right?

Take a look at the screen capture below and note the captioning. It is from the 1998 movie “Pi”, directed and written by Darren Aronofsky. The movie is laden with symbolism. The below shows up within the first 3 minutes of the movie.

Most know what the reference to 322 is. But there it is in plain sight, 491. I am not going to go into an analysis of the movie Pi, which is one of my top 10 favorite movies, but Darren Aronofsky also wrote and directed a couple other of my all time favorites: The Fountain (2006) and Noah (2014) which he also produced. Considering the story line of the movie “Pi” I tend to think he is hinting at something.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong. I think that the number 666 has depth and multiple meanings in other matters. In fact, I currently speculate it may even have something to do with the End of the Age cataclysms, axial tilt or similar potential ELE. I hope to outline those thoughts later. Again, I apologize, but I will have to save that for future blog posts or seek help from others to post on their sites.

If I were to believe that the number of the beast was 491, wouldn’t that be equivalent to getting the Golden Ticket to Willie Wonka’s Factory?

Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

This sounds like if you know the number of his name, maybe you can still buy/sell when the SHTF? How could you use it to your advantage? I guess we will find out as time moves on. Does knowing the number remove you from the Book of Life?

Revelation 14:9 And the third Angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, (Note that there is no mention of knowing the number of his name.)

Revelation 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone, in the presence of the holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

I would say no. Revelation 13:18 tells you to figure out what the number of his name is.

End Part 1


[1]. – The Divine Word. Interesting to note that the blog post containing the 666, 175 count was on August 19, 2012 and the last post on the site by the author was on May 12, 2013.